Install OPNET Modeler 14.5 under Windows_XP and Windows7
Several month ago, I wrote a Chinese version of installation with OPNET on Windows OS. Today I will give a more thorough way to install OPNET14.5 on Windows.
An installation procedure could be shown as a piece of C code.

A flow chart could be helpful.

#include <stdio.h>

void opnet_install();
void setx_install();
void opnet_configure_path();
void opnet_configure_path_vs2008();
void opnet_configure_path_vs2010();
void opnet_crack();

if (1 == Win_XP && VC++ 6.0)  
else if (Win_XP) 
else if (Win7)

void opnet_configure_path()
    if (1 == (Win_XP || Win_7) && (VS2008 || VC++ 2008)) 
    else if (1 == (Win_XP || Win_7) && VS2010) 

    printf("Restart your computer to take effect PATH settings.\n")

fuction definition


  1. Change into the install_package folder.
  2. Install the executable file in size order biggest on top. i.e.
  3. First, run the main executable file-modeler_145A_PL1_7116_win.exe When it comes to license, check the box with standalone.
  4. Second, run the opnet document executable file-modeler_docs_28-Jan-2008_win.exe
  5. Third, run the opnet library executable file-models_145A_PL1_27Feb08_win.exe Check the box with modeler library.


Install the setx tools, which is called to set the PATH of current user in the next login of Windows OS. You can download the setx from here

opnet_configure_path_vs2008() and opnet_configure_path_vs2010()

In order to fight for the complex procedures while configuring the PATH for OPNET, I wrote a .bat file for doing it automatically.

  1. opnet_configure_path_vs2008.bat
  2. opnet_configure_path_vs2010.bat
    Notice: run the bat file as current user rather than administration user under Windows7.


  1. Copy the file OPNET.Modeler.11.5.License.MakerFFS.exe to the folder your_opnet_install_location\14.5.A\sys\pc_intel_win32\bin.
  2. Launch OPNET Modeler 14.5 and close the license management window(not the modeler window), run the OPNET.Modeler.11.5.License.MakerFFS.exe(Maybe you should have administrator priviledge).
  3. Wait for a moment and you will see OPNET_license in the root directory of C drive.
  4. Restart the OPNET Modeler 14.5 and you will get 1000+ license if everything goes well.


Sometimes you may find the license manager of OPNET generate the license file on another patition, you need change into folder C:\OPNET\14.5.A\sys\pc_intel_win32\bin, and right click the modeler.exe. Then select the compatibility with XP SP3.