Excerpts of _How to Read a Paper_

Most of the contents in this document were excerpted from How to read a Paper. This article outlines a practical and efficient three-pass method for reading research papers, and describes how to use this method to do a literature survey. Three-Pass approach Read the paper in up to three passes. The first pass gives you a general idea about the paper. The second pass lets you grasp the paper's content,

Install OPNET14.5 on Windows OS

Install OPNET Modeler 14.5 under Windows_XP and Windows7 Several month ago, I wrote a Chinese version of installation with OPNET on Windows OS. Today I will give a more thorough way to install OPNET14.5 on Windows. An installation procedure could be shown as a piece of C code. could be helpful. #include <stdio.h> void opnet_install(); void setx_install(); void opnet_configure_path(); void opnet_configure_path_vs2008(); void opnet_configure_path_vs2010(); void opnet_crack(); if (1 == Win_XP &&